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  DDG Prices Stronger
  Trump's Written Mueller Responses Ready11/18 10:25
  State's GOP Try to Curb Dem Power 11/18 10:32
  Trump: Khashoggi Report Due in 2 Days 11/18 10:21
  Gillum Ends Campaign for FL Governor 11/18 10:28
  Abrams Ends Bid for GA Governor 11/18 10:31
  Netanyahu Trying to Save Government 11/18 10:24
  Election Shows Gerrymandering Issues 11/18 10:27
  Health Care, Energy Power Stocks Higher11/16 16:03
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@C8Z 365'6 1'0
@S9F 889'4 -2'6
@W8Z 506'6 0'0
@O8Z 312'0 13'6
MSFT 108.290000 1.010000
WMT 97.690000 -1.850000
XOM 78.960000 0.770000

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