Midwest Strategic Investments
, Inc. (MSI) is a full service commodity brokerage firm specializing in agricultural risk management and marketing strategies. We are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the heart of agricultural production and processing.  MSI’s main objective is to help clients spread, transfer, and limit risk from the cash markets and transfer it to the futures and options markets.  We have extensive experience with a broad range of clients, ranging from phases in early production to the retail stages of a commodity.  MSI brokers have a strong commitment to communicating directly with clients on a regular basis to achieve specific risk management goals.


Services offered:

                                  ·        Risk Management Recommendations

                                  ·        Marketing Plan Development

                                  ·        Hedge Brokering using Futures/Options



Jim Nemitz was born and raised on a grain and livestock farm in western Iowa. Jim graduated in 1987 from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa with degrees in Ag Education and Economics. Following graduation he accepted a position as a registered commodity broker/marketing advisor with a commodity firm in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2000, Jim founded Midwest Strategic Investments. He farms vicariously on his acreage in Toddville, Iowa, with his wife and three kids, and he can usually be found in his shop out back. He is a loyal follower of the Iowa State Cyclones and is trying to learn to appreciate the Hawkeyes.
Emalee Nemitz manages the office, tries to satisfy compliance and is the lucky recipient of the daily margin call list. She is accustomed to her calls being ignored, as she is also the mother of three teenagers. She is happiest when she is hanging out with her children at their sporting and school events. She lives in Toddville with Jim and has acquired a University Of Life degree of weed management while fighting various species on their acreage in Toddville. She has a degree in Public Relations from Iowa State University and is a fellow follower of all things Cyclones.